Think about your life there was good

We are all the time to complain about life. Even when everything is fine. Even knowing that we were in many ways lucky. Teacher and blogger Sergei Volkov recalls all the good things in his life, and discusses why we are missing something all the time.

Once, when I walked with a dog in the evening and ached inside myself about some next “piccal”, I decided to count, but what was the good thing in my life. Successful. What others can envy as an unattainable, but I have it – and this is like a background. In what happy options my life gave me a ticket?

It seemed

to me insignificant, and I began to bend my fingers.

I had dad and mom. Not everyone had such a luxury in childhood, just not everyone (in brackets – dad is now, mom is no longer). I had (and is) brothers (two) and sisters (two). Many people want brothers and sisters, but do not have. And I have so much.

I was not born disabled, walked on my feet, ran, jumped, rode a bike, bathed and so on. I saw and heard (now I see not everything, but I still hear). Here you can imagine a lot of the opposite, which people (not) happen.

I grew up in the world and did not see war, people did not kill me, did not hide in bomb shelters and did not roam the ended ash.

I studied at school. All the years. I was interested there.

The fingers on the arm ended, I had to unfasten the dog leash from the collar to free the second hand.

I read a lot of good books with which I was also interested in.

I went on hoods in my native area and Karelia, I saw nature and different places.

I traveled a lot in my life: I was on Lake Baikal, crossed most of Russia on the right on the map, I was in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Hungary, France, Belgium, Holland, Sweden (if I forgot anything, then there is enough enoughpeople who have not been anywhere, but would like).

He also wounded the country. (I will add: During the reporting period, Sakhalin, Switzerland, Mexico occurred.)

I went to the USA three times, and not at my own expense, but on tour – I sing because.

I sing, by the way. I can. Many do not know how and want, but do not sing.

The second hand ended.

I have my own house (even if it’s only only Khrushchev-but there is a summer house, with flowers).

By the way, I can and love to grow flowers, and they often reciprocate me.

I have the best wife in the world that I love. And with which I have been nearby for more years than without it. And I hope this ratio is still to increase.

I have two beautiful son, also the best in the world. Many people suffer, trying to have children.

I will return to chronology-this is easier.

I experienced very strong love at school – I suspect that there are people who have never loved. And at the university I experienced. And now I feel.

More: I had two super -shoes and three as many as!) Super Bubbushki. Well, is it luxury?

I entered Moscow University and graduated from it. Many … everything is clear that with these many (not).

I got to work in one of the best schools in the country.

I got to work in one of the best publishing houses of the country and I work there and there. Someone at birth promised this to me? (I will add: in my life there was a brief and stormy theatrical romance with the Moscow Art Theater School. Now my post about the vacancy there was reposted more than a hundred people per day, and fifteen have already submitted applications.)

I saw the great people of the 20th century and, fortunately, I was personally familiar. I knew several superprofessions in the case that I am doing and experienced their strong influence. I am friends with the poet Alexander Kushner and I love his poems very much.

I have someone to talk to.

I earn enough money to live.

I got my own hands TEFI.

I saw the sea and bathed in it. And the ocean saw. And not one. And bathed in them.

I have the best dog in the world. There is simply a bonus of fate – no one has such a dog (with the exception of my family members).

I wrote several books. And many articles. Among the written is what it seems to me good. I love words – and they sometimes reciprocate me. Many learn to write all their lives – and?

I can speak and speak to people. I like it. This allows me to sometimes experience a state of flow.

I suffered a stroke and survived. (I will add – and the second. With the same result. So far with the same …)

I have been in Paris many times. And I have friends there. And in Brussels there is. And in the US there is. I have where to go.

I staged several performances with schoolchildren and played on stage with them, and I really liked it. This work gave me a feeling of stream.

There are several more very important points that I will not say about, but which I also celebrated me with bent fingers, I don’t know what number … even one of them would have been enough not to complain about life.

Actually, the list is not finished. I put the point simply arbitrarily somewhere in its middle. Already this is enough to understand that the dog was walking this evening from the heart.

Actually, if you think about how and what falls out of many billions of living on earth, even only part of this is already a very generous share. After all, no one at my birth promised me and was not. And from their treasures, life gave me as many things that could not give me. I actually, if not fooling around, a very rich and very happy person.

But the most amazing thing is that, having listed all this and surprised by the abundance, and even feeling myself happy and slightly stunned by the surprise of the discovery, a minute later I hunched over in the old way, wandered home, all the same as Near about whiningbefore. What the hell and?

And if I remember that my experience of listing, then this is given to me with mental, intellectual effort, and not direct instincts. Why?

Apparently, because it is more familiar to consider what you do not have, but others have what you lack, while others have excess – and not vice versa. This leads to the fact that life is always seen as a shortage, as a damage, a bitten piece, cheese with holes, the moon eaten by comatic mice. Not one hundred percent, but always less.

And the focus is to perceive it as you as a hundred percent, as a complete moon – and every time, no matter what happens, the feeling of this completeness instantly restore.

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